"It's been a total privilege and a

pleasure communicating with Anneke"

                                                                                                       - Rick

Custom design




My pieces are found all over these days. If often happens people see something in someone’s home, and get bitten by the stained glass bug. 


I strive to make unique pieces and therefor I shall not reproduce a custom design that I made for that person especially. A derivative of that piece, with its own unique qualities ís possible. 





Most of the pictures in my portfolio on Flickr, are therefor there as inspiration, and are no longer in my possession as most are custom orders.

To discover the items I do have in stock and can reproduce for you, check out my web shop here.






Have your own unique piece custom designed for you? Just contact me and together we will come to a design that holds all your wishes and elements you got inspired by to begin with.


Let’s have some fun!