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Anneke Weesjes Glass





On this page you get to see my work in progress and of course pictures of the finished results 


Etsy online Store.


My online web shop where you will find all items in stock, that you can order in your own preferred color and size. No account necessary so easy peasy!  

See you in a bit?






Pictures and videos of me in my shop. Our youngest daughter can be spotted here and on Facebook, as she is always rummaging about. What a pleasure to be able to work from home!



Tiffany workshop




Tiffany workshop

Dedicated to the workshops and classes I teach in Tiffany stained glass




  "Active" pinner since Feb. 2017.

Started pinning to help promote my newly opened web shop on Etsy (feb.2017). All sorts of different boards, not all to do with stained glass or my work, but hey, Go big or stay home right?


Fun Fact, The sparrow copper wire hanger is the absolute runner here with already 1.1K Re-pins!! 



 My tweets are mostly redirects from my Facebook page.

I am not a big twitter fan, but if you Twitter more than you Facebook, you won’t have to miss out on a thing!